Professional Marietta Oil Change for Ram Trucks

November 26th, 2021 by

Marietta Professional Ram Truck Oil Change

Ram trucks are excellent vehicles and are relied on to take you to work, play, and on long road trips. However, your truck can only continue to work well if it is properly maintained. Regular oil changes are essential for Ram truck maintenance and work to improve performance and extend engine life. A professional Marietta oil change for Ram trucks can be a gamechanger for the overall function of your heavy-duty truck. Learn why oil changes are so significant and how you can tell when it’s the right time to schedule one in this article.

Importance of a Marietta Oil Change for Ram Trucks

Many drivers don’t regard oil changes as particularly important. However, the oil serves an important function within your Ram truck’s engine, and regular oil changes are vital to keeping it running smoothly.

Improved Mileage

A professional Marietta oil change for Ram trucks can keep your engine performing efficiently. If oil isn’t frequently changed and gets dirty and contaminated, your engine will have to work harder to accomplish the same job. To do this, it will use more fuel and affect mileage. Ensuring frequent oil changes is a great way to make sure your engine is as efficient as it can be and you’re not spending excessive money on gas when you don’t have to.


The most important part of the oil is to keep the inside of your Ram truck engine well lubricated. An oil change for Ram trucks ensures that the small metal parts in your engine aren’t being destroyed due to friction and wear and tear. Instead, by introducing oil, they’re functioning as they should and not overheating needlessly.

Extended Engine Life

Regular oil changes are essential to keep your engine working properly. However, this isn’t just in the short term. An oil change for Ram trucks in Marietta can help extend engine life. Therefore, by investing in regular oil changes, you’re saving yourself money in the long run and extending the life of your Ram truck’s engine.

Removal of Dirt and Particles

Another reason for getting a professional Marietta oil change for Ram trucks is to avoid the build-up of dirt and other particles in the engine. When oil isn’t changed, the dirt particles can start collecting and cause erosion over time. Frequent oil changes remove these particles and introduce fresh, clean oil that keeps the engine functioning normally.

Signs That You Need a Marietta Oil Change for Ram Trucks

Many drivers don’t think it’s time for an oil change unless they see issues with the mileage. However, this isn’t the only indicator that your Ram truck needs a professional oil change. Clean oil is essential for your engine to work correctly, and without it, your vehicle won’t be able to perform at its best. The following are some signs that indicate that you need a Marietta oil change.

  • Oil Change or Check Engine Light Illuminating – Sometimes, needing an oil change is as obvious as the oil change light or the check engine light illuminating. If the engine runs low on oil, the oil change light in your Ram truck will light up. However, when you severely lack lubrication and your engine is at risk of damage, your check engine light can also light up. In both cases, it’s essential to get a professional Marietta oil change for Ram trucks before the situation gets worse and your engine suffers.
  • Oil Smell and Smoke – If you’re smelling oil inside your truck or see smoke coming out from the tailpipe, it may be a sign of an oil leak or engine issues. Schedule a Marietta oil change or get your engine checked immediately to avoid damage.
  • Noise From Your Engine – One of the main jobs of oil is to keep the engine functioning quietly. Without enough lubrication, the different parts will knock against each other and make noise. An extreme lack of lubrication can make excessive noise, so getting a professional oil change for your Ram truck before you reach this stage is essential.
  • Dirty Existing Oil – Whether you change the oil yourself or get a professional Marietta oil change for Ram trucks, you’ll see that clean oil is amber and not completely opaque. When the same oil is used for an extended period of time and isn’t changed, it will turn dark and dirty. Check your engine oil frequently to see if this has happened. If the oil is completely opaque and filled with particles, it is time for an oil change.

Get Your Ram Truck Oil Change From Professionals

A professional Marietta oil change for Ram trucks can go a long way in maintenance. Oil changes are quick and inexpensive and should be done regularly to keep your Ram truck from prematurely aging and getting damaged. If you don’t have enough oil, keep using dirty oil, or use low-quality oil, you may end up causing damage to your engine and undergoing costly repairs. A Marietta oil change for Ram trucks can keep your truck in excellent condition and ensure an optimal driving experience. Take advantage of our Express Lane auto service in Marietta. Conveniently located on Cobb Pwky, we can have your vehicle inspected and get you back on the road quickly and affordably. If you still have questions about getting your Ram truck oil change in Marietta, schedule an appointment to learn more or reach out with any questions you have.