Marietta Vehicle A/C Inspection Don’t Sweat It

July 16th, 2021 by

Marietta Car A/C Inspection

Are You Sweating Through Your Marietta Commute?

If you are sweating through your Marietta commute, it’s a sure sign your car’s A/C system needs to be inspected. The hot, summer months in North Georgia are not the time to find out the hard way that your vehicle’s cooling system is malfunctioning. Don’t sweat it! We’ve got you covered at our professional auto service center in Marietta. We can have your car’s A/C inspected, repaired, and you back on the road in cool comfort quickly and affordably.

What Are The Signs My Vehicle A/C Needs To Be Checked?

It’s a good idea to have your vehicle’s A/C system inspected at least once a year. Preferably before the weather turns very hot and you discover a problem with it when it is needed the most. If you notice that your car is taking longer to cool off or that the air coming from your vents is not as cold as you think it should be, those are two of the surest signs your vehicle’s A/C needs to be inspected. A quick inspection can determine if your car is just low on freon or if there is a small leak that needs to be repaired. Usually, problems with your car’s A/C system are fast, affordable repairs.

We encourage you to visit our certified auto service center in Marietta to have your vehicle’s A/C system inspected and repaired if need be. Our professional technicians can evaluate and recommends any necessary repairs to get you back on the road in comfort. If you have questions about your car’s cooling system or our service center, contact us so our expert team can address your concerns promptly.