5 Things to Know About Oil Changes In Marietta

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Marietta Oil Change

Regular Marietta Oil Changes Keep Your Car Engine Running Smooth

Getting a regular oil change in Marietta keeps your car’s engine operating smoothly and efficiently. The right motor oil plays a significant role in optimizing your car’s performance. Similarly, using the wrong type of oil will impact the engine’s overall functionality. If you don’t get your car’s oil changed frequently, it will have devastating effects on the engine. First of all, over time, the oil will start breaking down, which will then deteriorate engine performance, causing it to break down as well. So if you are even a bit confused about when to change the oil, which oil to use, or where to get a reliable oil change in Marietta, here’s some information to help you.

1. When Should You Get the Oil Changed in Marietta?

If you’re not sure when you should get your vehicle oil changed in Marietta, you should know that there is no set time. You must have heard the outdated mantra that states, “You should get your car’s oil changed every three thousand miles or three months,” or “when the oil turns black.” Surprisingly, none of these are true. So when exactly should you get an oil change in Marietta?

Well, the answer lies with your manufacturer. Your vehicle manufacturer knows your car better than anyone else and so they are likely to make a solid recommendation. Manufacturers conduct several tests to determine the lasting period of the engine oil and then recommend an appropriate oil changing period according to your car’s unique engine requirements. However, under normal conditions, the shortest interval between oil changes should be five thousand miles, whereas the longest could be more than ten thousand miles.

Imagine your car’s oil is due to be changed every seven thousand miles, but you only drive your car a few thousand miles every year. In such cases, manufacturers recommend that you should prioritize maintaining your car even when it’s parked in the garage. To know all about the oil change procedure, check the owner’s manual for oil change recommendation and frequency as it’s possible that due to your car’s special condition, you might need to get the oil changed more often than the standard recommendation.

2. How Often Should You Check the Oil In Your Car?

Engine oil, also known as “motor oil,” is essential for the proper functioning of your vehicle. The oil serves as a lubricant that protects your engine by reducing friction and keeping all the moving metal components from making metal-to-metal contact. In simpler words, if you don’t get your car’s oil changed in Marietta, eventually you won’t be able to drive your vehicle for more than a few minutes or miles.

Over time, the oil will become less effective and fail to provide lubrication as necessary. Therefore, you need to keep a regular check on your engine’s performance and get both, the oil filter and the oil changed whenever needed. If you want to check your car’s oil yourself, have a look at the owner’s manual and use the dipstick in the engine compartment to check the oil’s condition and level. Alternately, you can get the oil inspected by our oil change in Marietta experts. Either way, the engine oil must be checked once a month. When checking your oil, keep a note of the following:

  • The level of oil on the dipstick (consider for the high and low marks).
  • The color of the oil – Dark brown and black means it’s high time to get the oil checked.
  • Look for metal particles – May indicate engine damage.

3. Which Grade of Oil Is Right for Your Car’s Engine?

When it comes to choosing the right oil for your vehicle, the options are endless. Every engine oil type has its weight, type, grade, and viscosity. The “grade” of the engine oil is a numeric representation to determine the oil according to its thick or thin consistency (also known as viscosity). However, every car has its own engine oil grade and weight requirements.

Earlier vehicles utilized thicker oils in comparison to the advanced engines today. In contrast, the multi-weight oil has high viscosity when warm and low grade when cool. Therefore, to know the specific manufacturer-defined grade requirement, either look at the owner’s manual or contact our Marietta oil change experts to help you out.

4. Which Oil Type Should You Choose?

The standard oil type requirement for modern cars is 0W-16 and 0W-20 as the engines have compact compartments, which means that only the light grade oil can seep into small spaces. However, engine oil can be categorized into two types; synthetic and conventional.

Getting a synthetic oil change in Marietta can boost your engine’s performance even with its low viscose nature. In comparison, conventional oil makes it possible for you to switch to synthetic oil and back if you want. In short, opt for the oil type the engine came with from the manufacturer’s den.



5. Which Oil Filter Is the Right One?

The oil filter that primarily functions to keep the oil clean should be compatible with your engine’s oil specifications. There are two types of oil filters; cartridge and canister.

A cartridge filter can be described as a reusable, permanent housing filter for your engine. As only the filter material is replaced, this lessens the impact on the engine. The canister can be described as a self-contained, small soup-sized unit that easily screws into your engine’s flange. So whenever a Marietta oil change is required, a canister filter can be easily disposed of and replaced with a new one.

Either way, the job of an oil filter is to remove impurities from your engine oil. Therefore, the next time you are getting an oil change in Marietta, look at the manufacturer’s instructions and opt for the filter that works best for your car’s engine.

Get An Oil Change In Marietta With Express Lane Service

Take advantage of our Express Lane oil change in Marietta. Conveniently located on Cobb Pwky, we can have your oil checked, changed, and you back on the road affordably and efficiently. If you still have questions about getting your car’s engine oil changed, schedule an appointment to talk to the oil change in Marietta experts.