2018 Ram Promaster Model Review

If you are looking for a new cargo van, look no further than the redesigned 2018 Ram Promaster. Ram took into consideration thousands of individuals feedback when designing the Ram Promaster, making sure the van answered the concerns of small and large business owners alike.

At Ed Voyles CDJR, we like helping our neighbors understand what it is that makes the Promaster so special. Take a look at the features of the new Ram Promaster to see if it fits your needs and contact our commercial dealership in Marietta if you have any questions!

How the Ram Promaster is Different Than Other Cargo Vans

Ram understood that most business owners and drivers often had the same complaints with their previous work vans.

In winter, roads can become slick, and the typical rear-wheel drive work van becomes difficult to keep under control. The 2018 Ram Promaster is front wheel drive, and most of those who have given the Promaster a drive agree that the Promaster drives more like a car than a work truck, with excellent traction control, keeping drivers safe while on the road.

Many drivers also have complained that navigating through tight spaces and tight city roads can be difficult since work vans are larger than a normal car, making getting into tight spaces a difficult task. Ram went the extra mile and increased the turning radius of the 2018 Ram Promaster, and is the best in its class at only 36 feet.

Loading your Material is Easy in the 2018 Promaster

You may oftentimes find yourself breaking down pallets of material just to load them back into your truck, and then unloading your truck, to rebuild the pallet, losing time and worse, potentially hurting your back.

Fortunately, the doors on the 2018 Promaster have been designed with this problem in mind. The rear doors open to nearly a 90-degree angle, with an opening large enough to load a standard pallet into the van, without breaking the pallet down. Even better, the wide doors on the side of the van open almost 50 inches, meaning you will have no issues loading just about any of your material into this van from either of the large doors.

Stand up Straight Inside the 2018 Promaster

To better accommodate drivers, Ram increased the height of the van to nearly 65 inches inside, meaning many can stand straight up to get the tools and parts they need, without straining their neck. Additionally, Ram designed the walls of the Promaster to sit nearly perfectly straight, so never again will you have to deal with your product shifting while sitting on unlevel shelving.

Designing the Best Promaster for Your Business

Ram understands that not all businesses need the same options when shopping for a work van, and that is why there are different versions of the Promaster that meet different needs. Many will go with the standard Cargo Van, however, some businesses find that the flatbed style Chassis Cab or Cutaway Van is best for their business. Wheelbase and cargo volume can also be customized, so you can design the perfect work van for you.

The Best Dealership for 2018 Ram Promaster is Ed Voyles CDJR

With all the options available, this impressive van is truly one you need to see in person to believe. Browse our work vans online and stop by our dealership today to a test drive the all-new Ram Promaster to find out which is the best fit for you!